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Jack Black Eye Balm

This article is originally from Yahoo! and GQ Magazine.  I like it and thought I’d give my two cents worth of opinion.

Women’s grooming potions that make men look, feel, and smell their manly best.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is like a waterless shower in a bottle. You comb it in and it takes out all the excess oils in your hair—and makes you smell good. Another trick: Use it like a do-over button when you mess up styling.

Cleansing Gel

Gets rid of bumpy skin and breakout.  Don’t use the soap from the shower or the liquid soap you use in the shower.  Come on.  Get a cleansing gel that is specific for your skin type.  It makes an amazing difference.  I had a guy tell me once … I use DIAL and it works great.  Okay … we will see as you age.


Masques refresh and tighten the skin on your face.  If you are opposed to weekly usage, save it for special occasions.

A Fragrance Balm

All over moisturizers that promote long-term skin health.  They are best applied when your skin is still damp out of the shower. Chalky skin is not attractive and if you don’t like putting on lotion all over your body “like a girl”, then you will love this.  If you don’t want to put it all over, do your hands, elbows, around your neck and please – your feet!

Light Fragrance

I know lots of men like cologne but here is nothing worse than entering a room or elevator and your cologne precedes you.  Wow. Using a light fragrance is the best.  There are many  on the market made for women that have lemongrass, apple and cedar that men can wear as well.  You smell refreshing and clean opposed to somewhat attacked by the fragrance girl at the mall.

Eye Defense Cream

Yes men,  your eyes get puffy just like women.  Eye cream does wonders for men and most of them are fragrance free, so no worries about anyone knowing you put it on.  There are many eye creams on the market that reduce puffiness almost instantly.  Or, if you want to get really girlie, cut up some cucumbers and put them on your eyes.

Texturing Paste

Forget gel or hair spray, gel some paste.  When you get some on your fingers, rub it to warm it up a bit.  Then you can distribute through your hair, placing strands where you want it.  Just enough will keep your cowlicks in place.

Local Place To Purchase: Carwin’s Shave Shop carries all of these lines.  Enjoy!

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