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Age: 35

Occupation: Grabbed her marketing chops at top Digital Marketing firms before jumping off and go out on her own to promote the best local lifestyle the Oklahoma City Metro has to offer.

Defining Attitude: In the know about everything OKC Metro … fashion, home decor, restaurants, lifestyle and events.  Super supportive and anti-chain everything.

Lifestyle:  I am Nosey Parker, your personal shopping buddy to the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area. I provide the where-to-go and what-to-do to local shopping and services that offer a “Nosey Parker Experience”. Nosey Parker knows what the trends are nationally and who is bringing it locally.


Age: 24

Occupation:  Fresh start in her career or internship in Public Relations.

Defining Attitude: Fashion-forward, bold, Confident

Life style: Storey is business in the day but can party at night. She is a confident woman who always looks her best when in public. She is a city girl and independent, which shows with her bold style. She enjoys coffee shops, café lunches, dining at the latest sushi restaurant, and girls night out on the weekend. In her free time she enjoys shopping and doing yoga/Pilates. This girl loves being social and has a broad friend group. She is a sophisticated woman while keeping her style fun. You will catch Storey walking Automobile Alley carrying a Henri Bendel and might pass her in the streets driving her Audi her parents gifted her for graduating college.

Life Stage: Storey is newly starting her job. She is in her 20’s and enjoys to look fashion-forward without completely clearing her bank account. She still depends on her parents once in awhile for a few of her favorite items she desperately can’t live without, which is why she is able to splurge with her own money every once in a while.