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What I Want For Christmas with Samantha Hanby

What I Want For Christmas with Samantha Hanby

Do you know the owners of your favorite stores?  If you want to know those people in our society who take risk and open their own business, employ others and give the Oklahoma City metro its flavor … then meet one of my favorites – Samantha Hanby.  Samantha was one of those girls in high school who made sure her nails matched her clothing and not once a week but every single day.  She is one educated gal but her dream was to have her own nail salon and make it the best.  She has done that and just opened her second Oklahoma City location on Memorial near Portland off the turnpike.  It’s fantastic.  I ask Samantha what she wanted for Christmas and here is her list. Hey Santa … listen up!

1. Houdini Electric Wine opener.  No explanation needed :).  I’ll be able to get to my drinks faster and easier.
2. iPhone 5 with all accessories/bells and whistles.
3. A Rolex watch :).  This item has been on her list for a very, very, very long time. Santa never got the memo.
4.  Extra item to make my Christmas amazing is for Polished Nail Salon to get over 2000 likes on Facebook. I prefer for most likes to be local peeps too.

I think we can all help her with the last one, don’t you think? Go give Polished Nail Salon a “like” and make sure you click on the “*” and add to your interest list. For a list of all services by Polished Nail Salon, check out the website – Polishednailsok.com.  Congrats to Polished Nail Salon for being voted Readers Choice 2012 for the Oklahoman again!

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