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What I Want for Christmas with Eren Moore

Do you know the owners of your favorite boutiques and services?  If you want to know those people in our society who take risk and open their own business, employ others and give the Oklahoma City metro its flavor … then meet one of my favorites – Eren Moore.  Eren owns Urban Retreat Salon in Edmond in the downtown area.  She is one of the most delightful, sweet human beings I’ve met (opposed to the aliens, lol).  Truly.  I’ve never seen her without a smile on her face and she always hugs me when I come by.  Urban Retreat feels like you have a salon in  your home.  It’s lovely and warm.  She carries top of the line products for your hair as well.  I ask Eren what she wanted for Christmas and here is her list. Hey Santa … listen up!

Eren Moore of Urban Retreat

What I Want for Christmas with Eren Moore
1.  I am really hoping to get a ‘Lauren’ Hobo wallet. It’s the most amazing wallet ever! It is super roomy but not bulky and you can use it as a clutch when you don’t need or want to haul a big bag around.
2.  Hair extensions so I can have the thick, gorgeous hair that I SHOULD have been born with.
3.  And, a mini iPad might be nice to throw in my purse!
Urban Retreat Salon
5 S. Broadway, Edmond
(405) 340-6720

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