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Hey Beauties Update Your Look

Hey Beauties Update Your Look

Update your look with PLUM SHADOW! Equally parts edgy and innocent, purple eye shadow reigns supreme this spring. Plum compliments a wider range of skin tones than black.

First, smudge a pencil along upper and lower lashes, then layering a matching shadow on top. Second, a dust of gold across the center of the lad and on the inner corners adds a glam touch.

TanTowel Plus at The Makeup Bar and Sooo Lilly

A Perfect Self Tan! Prep your body by smoothing your skin with an exfoliator so the color goes on evenly. Moisturize dry spots like knees, elbows and feet.  Find the right formula for you.  Worried about streaks? Look for a tanner with temporary tint.  Create contours on your face with bronzer specific for your face.  Wear loose clothes the day you self tan so you won’t rub off on anything.  Last but not least, tanners can leave your skin dry, so moisturize!


Tips in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s+ – (via Instyle)

20’s – You are in the reversible phase, so using cold compresses to alleviate puffiness is a fast way.  A wash cloth dipped in cold soy milk first, then use a tinted concealer.  You are good to go.

30’s – Wear sunglasses is #1 and use SPF.  Use a product with Vitamin C as well to decrease pigmentation changes.

40’s – Here come the perimenopause, so your skin will get noticeably drier and thinner.  To plump up skin around your eyes, pick a hydrating serum with collagen-boosting retinol or peptides.

50’s – As fat pads under your eyes migrate lower and skin becomes thinner, eyes tend to look more hallow.  Rejuvenate your skin with Fraxel Laser Treatments and use an under eye cream that contains collagen that stimulates the skin.

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