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I am all about spa anything … take me to your leader! If I had unlimited funds, I would be at a spa getting some sort of treatment every week. Lately, I’ve been hearing so much about body wraps … there are even MLM companies selling “at home kits”. So, I decided to do just a bit of research: THE TRUTH ABOUT BODY WRAPS. Now I’ve had body wraps before at spa’s, for skin hydration. They are wonderful. Several years back, body wraps for fat loss came on the scene in Los Angeles. Many celebrities swear by them and they have even been endorsed by The Doctors Show. I decided to contact the OKC resident expert on Body Wraps for fat loss and that would be Tiffany Lenox of Body Wrap Spalon.

First let me say that beauty is truly only skin deep — true beauty is in your nature and character. Tiffany is not only a beauty on the outside, she is one inside too. I thoroughly enjoyed my “research”, using poor Tiffany for lots of questions. First she gave me a tour of her facilities and let me apologize for not being very “sleuthy” before now on this wonderful business. I blame Dr. Harvey Jenkins of Bodytrends Spa for not telling me about Body Wrap Spalon. Apparently, they are buddies. The spa is very nice and quiet, simple and comfortable.

So, lets get to the juicy details. The question is “WHAT IS IT?” Body wraps contain ingredients designed to draw out these excess fluids and toxins while restoring nutrients to the body. “DOES IT WORK?” Yes. I experienced a total 14.6 inches decrease in fat in one hour (going back Saturday to do it again … obsessed!). Second question “DOES IT LAST?” Yes, up to eight weeks if you don’t pig out and drink alcohol, soda and all the crap you are not supposed too. By the way … I was not wrapped in Saran Wrap as you see in home kits. The wonderful Bre Pierce wrapped me up and told me that I would notice even more reduction two days later. That is also VERY true.

The proof is in the details and here they are:
1. Strip (or keep your panties and bra on if you wish).
2. Shake your booty off for 10 minutes on a Whole Body Vibration Session. Basically, this device increases circulation and illumination of toxins and waste. Your body also benefits from this treatment by getting the equivalent of a one hour workout in 10 minutes! You literally can’t stay on it for more than 10 minutes. Because of the extreme increase in circulation, my body was itching all over. This is a good thing.
3. Bre came in and wrapped my entire body, ankles to upper chest, in ace-style wraps that were soaked in minerals and were very warm. They felt great. Bre covered me up with a plush robe and we went down to the massage room.
4. I laid on the massage table and was covered with an infrared blanket, lights off with music for around 20 minutes I guess. Bre came in and soaked me in mineral solution again. A bit later, I turned over on my tummy like a rotisserie chicken. (Just kidding).
5. After approximately 45 minutes, Bre helped me up, gave me water and a nutrigrain bar (draining toxins is a bit nauseating) and I was ready to be unwrapped and measured.
6. 14.6 inches .. NO LIE! Once I dried off, I put my “spanx style” slip on I was wearing with my pencil skirt and it was loose. I was thrilled; more than thrilled … officially obsessed!

The major question I had after that … how often can I do this? Like everyday? I was assured it was safe if I wanted to but in reality, I should set a goal that includes eating right, exercise and eliminating toxins from my body. I determined that I could do this once a week for a few months to increase the speed of my weight loss goals.

I know you are wondering … how much does this cost? It could get really expensive if you popped in every week but thankfully, Bodywraps SpaSalon has a membership at different levels, which makes it very affordable. I did the fat loss/toxin eliminator service (Double Whammy), but you will see from their website that they offer all different types of wraps, facials, massages, waxing and hair removal. While I was there, several men came in. I was surprised and then found out that they have “Men’s Gut Buster” for $99. Love it!

Go check out their website, where there is loads of information on wraps and all their services. Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter, you can get in a drawing for a FREE BODYWRAP. Their October Special benefits cancer research. You can get one wrap for $90, 5 for $350 or 10 for $500 (only $50 a piece!)

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and highly recommend it!

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