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Quick Fix Emergency Kit

I am soooo bad about not being prepared for mishaps when I dress up and go out or in the past, even having a wardrobe malfunction at work. Here are 11 Must Have’s for those Wardrobe Emergencies:
(per The Rachel Zoe Project Brad Goreski, InStyle Mag)
1. SOFT SOLES Adding foot cushions to

Give Me A Wedgy!

OK, I know… I’m hilarious… too myself! I just wanted to chat about all the wedges that are out for the spring/summer season. High heels are a must for me and wedges add the comfort factor. An alternative is chunky wood heels… high and yet comfortable!
What do wedges look good with?

Boot Bling!

You all know I love Bonedust Cowgirl.  My own collection from Bonedust consist of two belts, two buckles, two necklaces, a cuff, vintage red cowgirl boots, two vintage dresses and a tank top!  I stopped in the other day because Bonedust is now making bling for your boots!  The crew is taking cowboy hat straps

The Wonderful Webb I Weave

It was simply a shoe store when it first opened in 1951. Since then The Webb has expanded and somehow still retained much of its uncomplicated charm. Lawrence and Edna Earle Webb’s daughter, Lee Ann Looman, is carrying on the family tradition in style. The Webb not only sells sensational shoes,

Feeling at Home Already!

As you all probably know already, I love 405 Imports in Norman.  The store is small, but jam packed with unique finds.  I visited recently and took these pictures just to give a glimpse of what they have.  Soon, there will be a warehouse you can visit, packed full of imports.  And, as always, they