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Nosey Parker OKC Phone App!

Nosey Parker OKC Phone App!

Yes, after months of getting bids that made me have a heart attack and months of planning – the mobile application is available online and for those who have internet access.  The mobile app will be available on iPhone sometime this month but it is available for Blackberry and Droid now!  Getting approve, having them load it, etc is just a waiting game and of course, the wonderful company I am working with Conquer Mobile will make sure it’s tweaked for those phones.

What is it available? The online app is awesome and available now but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that a downloadable app will offer.  For instance, the SPECIALS & ENTER TO WIN will be more of an INBOX where users will be notified that there are sales, parties, product launches and enter to win activities from the stores.  They will also be listed on the online app but it doesn’t have special notifications.  The downloadable version also has GPS from your location to all the stores.  I love this! The online app has maps associated with each store and they are clickable, going to google maps.

The downloadable app will also be $1.99 because of all the special features and keeping with the Nosey Parker mission, benefit financially a local nonprofit.

Last but not least, the NOSEY PARKER DEAL.  What is that?  Basically, the idea is membership has it’s privileges.  You use the app, find a store with the app, each participating store will have or do something for Nosey Parker users.  This will be different across the board and they can change them frequently.  I will have them listed as they come in, so stay tuned.

I am very proud of the app and the recognition is gives local businesses.  Many are so busy running their stores, it’s hard to keep up with what is available for them using technology.  I am glad to offer this service and continue to support those businesses who recognize the value in what I call “mega niche marketing – WOMEN!” and of course, those who value retail relationships.


Use it with your phone now if you have internet access.  It looks awesome!  Or, play with it online.

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