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Nosey Parker Committed to Raising Funds

Nosey Parker Committed to Raising Funds

Over the last week, several people have ask me if benefitting Nosey Parker on Facebook in order to help a nonprofit is sending the right message.  My answer is a big YES! Here is the reason why.  Many do not know that part of the mission of Nosey Parker is not just to be about shopping but giving back to the community. If Nosey Parker can increase awareness as well as allow nonprofits to keep proceeds from the sell of guidebooks, her goal of using the guidebook and presence as a promoter of these entities is accomplished.  As Facebook has become more popular, their prices for advertising have gone up.  Nosey Parker as a company would rather give advertising dollars to a nonprofit than to Facebook.  We are going to spend the money anyway…. why not give it to an awesome organization that helps homeless children with their education and needs.  I am proud of the affiliation and hope that all of Oklahoma City Metro will join in to help as well.  This is an on going effort and not just for a short period of time.

If you would like to continue to support nonprofits that Nosey Parker has chosen with fundraising, you can buy Nosey Parker Guidebooks from the YWCA, Infant Crisis Services and the Edmond Women’s Club as well.

CHECK OUT POSITIVE TOMORROWS in the current Nosey Parker Newsletter.

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