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My Thoughts On Eyelashes and Lips

My Thoughts On Eyelashes and Lips

You know me, I am a huge advocate for shopping local.  For me, that means local brick and mortar as well as locally owned online stores.  I don’t promote direct marketing companies because there are loads of them and in my earlier days, I was inundated with “Nosey Parker … if you support local, you need to support all of the women supporting their families selling XXX”.  Ok. Well. Hmmm. My response was “it’s not the mission of the business”.  I have nothing against direct marketing but you know … you are not paying for retail space and you are not having to pay for advertising as much and you are not going to market and making your space “your own thing”.  I have been very unapologetic about it as I should be.

That all being said, I’ve tried products from direct marketing peeps.  I’ve just not had it them written about it until now.  Why now? There seems to be an eyelash debate going on and I want to give my two cents.  And, on lips … lip issues abound big time for several reasons and finding a product to correct those issues are fantastic to me.

LIPS by Margaret Croom

The latest craze are lip stains that stay on all day.  I’ve tried many of them and none of them truly did stay on all day until the Senegence LipSense. This product solved a problem for me and that’s the best way to get and keep customers. I have up and down lines on my top lip.  You would think I smoked but I never have.  I’ve tried EVERYTHING to keep my lipstick from traveling into those lines.  NOTHING to this point 100% worked. Don’t advise me to blah, blah, blah … I’ve tried it.  I also had a surgery to remove lymphatic tumors from my chin and around my mouth and a few of my nerves were cut.  Now I don’t have that lip line you get from those nerves on my lower lip, right side.  So, lipstick, gloss, etc., travel outside the area I want it to, no matter what I use.

I went into Mel’s Kloset (in Norman on Main) a few weeks back and tried LipSense.  I will never wear anything else.  Not only can I make my upper lip look bigger, no travel in the lines like pitch forks! It’s perfect all day.  It is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off!  I drank a glass of wine 3 hours after the picture below was taken and nothing came off on the glass.  LipSense comes in 50 shades and you can make your own shade.  I purchased a pinkish/violet color and a nude so I can tone it down when I don’t want it too bright.  I do recommend buying two lip glosses though.  You do have to top off with the gloss a few times a day, so get one for your purse too.  Below is my first application of LipSense.  It is 2 coats of violet/berry with one coat of nude and the gloss.  Beware though … do not think you can use just any lip gloss on top.  I tried that and it causes the stain to wear off.  They have their own formula for a reason.  It’s fantastic.

IMG_4274My Thoughts On Eyelashes and Lips LipSense

EYELASHES by Margaret Croom

(read my entire opinion before freaking out)

This will be controversial I’m sure but I’m going by my own experience.  I look like a naked mole rat without mascara.  My eyelashes are not full, not long and brown so yes I’ve worn falsies when the occasion called for it.  I did a year long “trying mascara’s” series a few years back too.  My number one pet peeve is splatter.  I do not want to have to clean up my eyes because the formula is so thin, it spatters.  My favorite mascara is Benefits They’re Real.  I love the wand, the formula and how my eyelashes look.

Over a year ago, I bought some of the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes from the fabulous Natasha Pendleton, one of Nosey Parker’s #1 fans! We were both rushing around on the go, so I didn’t get the demo that usually comes with purchase. I could have gone online to watch videos on application but I didn’t.  I’ll be honest, I did not like it at all.  It was so messy and I got fibers all over my face, plus the hands down worst thing was the splattering of their formula.  I tried it a few times and them just put it to the side.  I then started seeing these pictures on social media of women who got eye infections from the fibers and pictures posted of “WHO WANTS SPIDER EYES? YUCK”.  These were mostly posted by women who apply lash extensions for a living.

A few months ago a friend of mine started selling the product.  I told her I just didn’t like it at all.  She ask me why and after my response, she said you are applying it wrong and everyone who has spider eyes and gets fibers in their eyes are applying it wrong.  Guess what?  She was 100% correct. Once I started applying it correctly, my eyelashes look fantastic.  They do not look like spiders, no fibers in my eye or splattered mascara on my face.  What was I doing wrong?

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  • Curl your eyelashes and use your favorite mascara first. One coat.
  • One coat of their gel formula.  There is no splatter because it’s catching on your first coat of your favorite mascara.
  • Wipe the fiber wand off on the tube or better yet, I pat the fibers down instead of scraping them to get the excess off.  #1 TIP: turn the wand vertical.  If you use it horizontal, you will flick fibers all over your face.
  • Second coat of gel and then another coat of fibers if you wish.
  • MY TIP: Top off the coats with a slight coat of the gel.  It finishes off the look and you DO NOT GET THE SPIDER LOOK. Also, I use needle nose tweezers to get off any fly away fibers like you see on the ends of the lashes. Usually just one or two.

I like this application video:

Let’s talk EYELASH EXTENSIONS by Margaret Croom.

I’ve tried them several times and they look amazing.  It is sooo nice just to get up and do so little to my eyes.  It’s a totally “on the go” thing to do if you do not have the time to do 3D.  3D is time extensive (it is why the videos are sped up).  My favorite extensions so far have been by Chasely Cherie.  They stayed on well and were totally weightless.  She is off Northwest Expressway.  Give her a call at 405.924.3474 and tell her I sent you!  She also does hair extensions by the way.   Chasely was fast and reasonably priced.  The reason I do not continue to do extensions is simply a choice of preference and economics.  I have a budget and I have to choose my monthly beauty expenditures.  Lash Extensions are not cheap and maintaining them is about the same as getting your nails done every other week.  I LOVE getting my nails done the most.  I am in the nail salon every two weeks to get a fill, gel and a signature design.  So … I can’t do the extensions too.  It’s just a choice of what I love the most. You can check out Chasely on her instagram page LUXLASHESHAIR.

Lashes 2My Thoughts On Eyelashes and Lips


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