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Modern Contemporary Design: Oh, The Dilemma!

Modern Contemporary Design: Oh, The Dilemma!

Modern Contemporary Design: Oh, The Dilemma!

Modern contemporary design focuses on minimalism, clean lines and sometimes very bold pieces or color.. It’s all about the basics of lines, shapes, and form. I am sure you are wondering, ” What is the dilemma there?”  I thought I would be super savvy by impressing you with a definition of modern contemporary design. When I looked it up, the page was full from top to bottom with articles debating  that they were two different styles. Wow, I had no idea! I was so uninformed. I was evidently in good company because Google was too. When I typed in contemporary and modern design pics separate of each other to try to get a grasp on this, I got all the same pics! Funny, right? I thought so. One thing I know for sure is that the fantastic stores we have here in the 405 will be more than happy to help you redesign your home whether you choose to call it contemporary, modern or modern contemporary.

Bold and BeautifulModern Contemporary Design, Oh the Dilemma!SUBURBAN CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE

This masterpiece can be found at Suburban Contemporary Furniture on N. Portland. This is definitely a modern twist on the chandelier status quo. What a great focal point and conversation starter this Chihuly inspired lighting would be hanging over a modern dining set which I am sure they would love to help you find as well.

Being Unique

Modern Contemporary Design: Oh the Dilemma!


Take a trip back to when modern contemporary design began at Retro Okc. Breathe new life into unique pieces made in years past but accessorize your modern design perfectly. You will love this store located in central Okc.

Clean Lines, Charming Design

Modern Contemporary Design: Oh the Dilemma!


I just love this design from Edmond Furniture Gallery. It makes me feel happy just looking at it. It is minimalistic but so charming at the same time. Edmond Furniture gallery is a local favorite that has been providing beautiful unique furniture pieces since 1995.

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