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MAN UP: How To Choose Flowers for Valentine’s Day

MAN UP: How To Choose Flowers for Valentine’s Day

I am detering from shopping advice this week to educate the men in our lives on buying flowers for Valentine’s Day.  So, if your man doesn’t read this blog, send them this link.  I’ve heard the statement  “any gesture should be seen as trying and please be thankful for it”.  True, we should all be thankful for all kinds of things and I am.  However, I don’t recall that being a Proverb, so I’m going to give out Flower Shopping Advice that everyone can use.

I’m going to get right to the point.  Women love flowers, so why not educate yourself on how to buy them, when to buy them and knowing your ladies personality when it comes to her favorite flowers (and how they will look within her home decor). Remember too that these days, women take pictures and post them on facebook, so you want to make sure the photograph she takes of your gift will get lots of “likes”!

* Key to flower buying is longevity. Which cut of flowers last the longest vs. those with shorter lifespans once cut.  Orchids last the longest; roses, peonies and lillies are great investments, however daisies, heliconia and irises go down hill the quickest.
* Matching flowers to personalities – i.e. is your Valentine romantic, a trendsetter, or a nature lover.- Red is most commonly associated with love, desire, and passion.- The pink flower can signify a teasing interest, grace, gentility, and happiness. – Orange is a color that screams excitement, exuberance, and enthusiasm.- Yellow flowers simply make people smile. It is the color of friendship, joy, and lightheartedness.  HINT: check out makeup and the fashion of your lady.  This will tell you a lot about her personality with flowers as well.
* When to order beautiful flowers: typically most flower shops say they can deliver up until Valentine’s Day even if you order at the last minute. But keep in mind, last minute flower shopping will cost you. Plus, if you’re picky and want a special arrangement you really need to order before all the shops run out.

Last and most importantly, get the card right. Whatever you do, don’t just sign your name to the card that goes with the flowers.  The first thing your beloved is going to do is pull out that slip of paper and see what you’ve written.  A sincere, carefully thought out Valentine’s note is the perfect way to finish off any floral arrangement.

**EXTRA TIPS: Dad’s, don’t forget your girls!  Children remember when their Dad’s do special things for them**

Where to buy flowers in Oklahoma City and Edmond:

Morrison Floral Co., 4801 N Meridian – 405-789-1622

Madeline’s Flowers Shop, 1030 South Broadway, Edmond – 405-341-2530

A Bloom Above The Rest, 416 S Broadway, Edmond – 405-844-0330

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