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Make A Statement in the Office

Make A Statement in the Office

Have you heard the phrase “dress for your next position?”  Adopt it and make a statement in the office.  If you are just starting your career and need to look more mature, don’t dress like a granny … dress like you know what you are doing and have your act together.  That doesn’t mean overtly sexy either.  Women in the their 30’s are on a steady pace of gaining experience and building their “I’m the best cache”.  Make sure you dress like it too.  You do not have to spend loads of money to look like you spend loads of money on your look.  First impressions are highly important but continued impressions are as well.  When you are in your 40’s, you have 15 years at least  under your belt.  Making a statement with a signature look is the best way to go.  Don’t start dressing “old”.  NEVER is the time for that anyway especially in this economy.  Experiment with one bold statement and keep the rest of your look understated.  This may be with accessories or you maybe known as the “shoe queen” in the office.  I hate to remind anyone, but when you are 50+, the last thing you want to do is look like you are heading to retirement.  Keep your look up to date and fresh.  Don’t have your slippers on under your desk or where  your old favorite sweater when you are cold in the office.  Just saying peeps. 🙂

Here is a simple list.

In Your 20’s:

Anything bright blue

Gold jewelry

Structured Denim Jacket

White pants or jeans

Ankle Booties

Chunky Shoes

In Your 30’s:

Black Pencil Skirt

Gold Jewelry

Fitted/Structured Vests or Jackets

Rich-looking bag/purse

In Your 40’s:

One standout, bright print

Statement Necklace

Fitted dresses

Statement skirt with simple blouse

Slim, high heels that make a statement (meaning stay away for chunk)

In Your 50’s plus:

Green brightens and lifts your face

Watch the excess gold jewelry, you don’t want to age yourself

Fitted dress that hug your curves and give you a waist

Sexy Shoes (because they will make you feel young. Put Dr. Scholl’s heel pads in them)

Black and White everything – dresses/bags/jewelry/shoes

Fabulous Trench Coats

Rich hues of blue … not baby/granny blue


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