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Hilton Hollis will be at Ruth Meyer’s Thursday and Friday this week, 10am to 5:30pm.  You have to meet him!  The entire fall collection will be available.  Try on his exceptional clothing and even better, part of the proceeds of purchases and special orders will go to the Museum of Art.


There is something about Hilton Hollis. It’s not just his ambition or his talent; neither is in short supply in the fashion industry. Yet even before you see the nuanced elegance of his impeccably tailored designs, his quiet confidence and the clarity of his vision tell you you’re in the presence of one of fashion’s future icons.

The designer is a native of Natchez, Mississippi, where his love of sewing and design was nurtured by his grandmother, a master quilter. “I always dreamed of moving to New York to be a fashion designer,” he says. “I didn’t know how I’d get there, or when, but I had a subway map pinned to my wall. Before I was 13, I knew the city by heart.”

Just over seven years ago, Hollis’s dream of launching his own company was reborn.  “My aim is to make a product that is specifically targeted to the Hilton Hollis customer and to give her clothes that she can integrate into her wardrobe and wear happily for years,” he says. The line has the contemporary feel, updated classic fit, and technical virtuosity that are hallmarks of the Hilton Hollis style.  Every collection features flawless tailoring, luxurious European fabrics—many of which Hollis designs himself—and they transcend the off-the-rack niche with couture details and Hollis’s trademark architectural seaming.

Hollis brings a matching passion to the business side of the industry.  “It is not enough just to imagine beautiful clothes,” he says.  “It is my job to produce the right garment, for the right customer, at the right price.”




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  1. Love these designs and the fabrics look so unique and beautiful. Thanks to Nosey Parker I wouldn’t have known about this upcoming event. I am definitely interested in seeing and learning more about Hilton Hollis. I have been a loyal shopper of Ruth Meyers in the past and am eager to see this collection. I rarely have time to look through the mail etc., so I appreciate being informed online about upcoming events via blogging, facebook and other outlets for social media. Thanks Nosey Parker ….this designer looks like a great new find!!! Looking foward to the event! Kudos to RM for part of the proceeds going to the worthy MOA. Marie B

  2. Wow! I didn’t know Ruth Meyers carried the Hollis Collection! I can’t wait to see the collection first hand. The fabric choices look pretty incredible. Making plans right now to be there. Thanks for the heads up, Nosey P!

  3. This is awesome! I love the fact that he is coming! He style is so classy with a hint of sass! Looks like I will be adding some additions to my wardrobe this week! Thanks Nosey Parker for always keeping me in the know of what’s going on in OKC!! I must share this!

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