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Give Me A Wedgy!

Give Me A Wedgy!

OK, I know… I’m hilarious… too myself! I just wanted to chat about all the wedges that are out for the spring/summer season. High heels are a must for me and wedges add the comfort factor. An alternative is chunky wood heels… high and yet comfortable!

What do wedges look good with? So much! I especially love them with capri pants or jeans. If you want to wear heels with a short skirt or shorts, wedges are great because you will avoid the “street walker” look associated with wearing super high heels with these items. Personally, I don’t care for wedges with dresses below the knee … too much shoe with too much fabric. The eye doesn’t know where to go, so to speak. I know that wearing wedges with long halter dresses is very 70’s and will be in this year but I prefer dainty or flats with so much fabric.

For those of you who are not into sky high heels, there is a “New Wedge”. It’s cute (although boatish). Make sure the wedge goes up slightly in the back or else you will walk like you are serving tea in a kimono.

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