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One of my Pinterest followers, Marie Burrus, posted a pair of floral capri pants from a runway picture.  This got me to thinking about floral pants.  Can everyone wear them?  How should we wear them and can a huge flower on your rear end be cool?  Let me go ahead and answer that … NO!

I like florals a lot, however I am very picky in how I wear them.  I tend to buy clothes that won’t go out of style and capri pants with flowers all over them just might since this is a call back to the 80’s.  My favorite way to wear florals are with a solid and one BIG POP of a flower .. like on the front of a dress or the bottom of a wide leg pants.  In fact, I prefer floral dresses to floral pants but … to each their own.  If everyone was like me, the world would be a boring place.  It’s fun seeing what others can pull off.

Balliets has a Rachel Zoe Maxi as well as Thakoon Addition Romper that both sport all over flowers.  I found solid, oversized tops at On A Whim to go with floral pants as well.  If you don’t do floral, On A Whim has other patterns that look great with solid pants as well.  Check out the sweet, all over floral from Joy Joy at Mel’s Kloset.  This is adorable and would look good on all figures.

Balliets Thakoon Addition Romper

Balliets Rachel Zoe Maxi

On A Whim

On A Whim

Mel's Kloset Joy Joy


1. What should be worn with floral pants?  Contrast is key to a floral bottom half.  Pair with chunky heels and a tailored jacket to subdue a bit.

2.  Good with an over-sized shirt.

3.  Wear one floral piece at a time so you don’t look tacky or cluttered. When it comes to floral, less is more.

4.  Floral pieces look best when matched with solid colors. Adding other printed items like stripes or paisley will make your look cluttered.

5.  Go with a tiny floral print if you have a fuller figure .. you don’t want to look like an art canvas.

6.  Not a fan?  Accessories for you then.  Floral purses are everywhere this season and you can always find wonderful headbands with a flower attached as well as fabulous shoes like Poetic License at Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique.

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Pink Sugar Shoe Poetic License

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