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Color, Color, Color … It’s All About Nail Trends

Color, Color, Color … It’s All About Nail Trends

WINE is a universal color that everyone can wear.  It also goes with almost everything.

GOLD is not easy to wear.  Pick a gold that has a warm tone instead of a yellow tone.

SILVER is a great party color.  Be careful wearing it anywhere else.  A popular trend is color on the tips only.  Silver is a great choice.

TEAL is a WOW color.  Make sure you get one with navy undertones or it will be too green.  No need to look like a leprechaun.

DEEP PURPLE is gorgeous.  I have worn it all season.  Go for a Deep Purple that is bright in the bottle or the color will look black on your nails.

CHERRY RED is a color that is uplifting and well, cheerful!  Anyone can wear it if you pick the right shade.  Darker skin should go with orangey reds and light skin should stick with the blue undertones.

I have worn french manicure tips for years and recently took the plunge into color – now I’m addicted!  Not only are there tons of colors out there, OPI is constantly coming up with new to match current movie themes like Burlesque and Alice in Wonderland.  Have fun with your nails ladies.  It is an inexpensive treat!

(information on Nail Trends provided by InStyle)

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