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New Hair Ideas

Oh My … Hair! It’s definitely something that defines us or not.  It should never define who you are but used as an accessory to your personality.  Just ask Gabby Douglas!  With all she has accomplished, she should never be defined by what she looks like but for her character and personality.
That being said,


As the days get longer and temperatures begin to climb, off go the sweaters and boots and on go the shorts and sandals. But hey, there’s good news: Beautiful summer sweet skin is closer than the nearest watermelon patch.  The best place to start, say experts, is with a head-to-toe moisture treatment — and you


Side Pony.
Can’t decide if you want a braid or not? Do like Blake Lively, and have it both ways. The normally polished star gave her look a boho feel by pulling a messy pony to one side and weaving a braid in the center. Make it blend in by using thin, see-through elastics rather


It doesn’t matter if we are in a BAD economy or GREAT economy, something every woman can afford is lipstick.  In fact, sales of lipstick go up when the economy is in the tank.  Why? Not only is it affordable but lipstick makes you feel great, look sexy and perks up the blues. New colors,

Quick Fix Emergency Kit

I am soooo bad about not being prepared for mishaps when I dress up and go out or in the past, even having a wardrobe malfunction at work. Here are 11 Must Have’s for those Wardrobe Emergencies:
(per The Rachel Zoe Project Brad Goreski, InStyle Mag)
1. SOFT SOLES Adding foot cushions to

Ten14… Who?

Allyson’s Closet is now called Ten14!  I know it was announced and in the paper, etc.   However, I’ve heard through the grapevine that ladies just think it closed.  Ten14 is located in the same shopping center as Trichology, Lush and Funky Monkey.  The fabulous Sooo Lilly still resides in the Ten14 (Allyson’s Closet) as well.