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Best Lips Ever!

Best Lips Ever!

My “BEST LIPS EVER” story … so I wrote a blog about my upper lip issues.  Until I started using Senegence Lip Stains, I had almost given up on lipstick and gloss stains from traveling above my lip into the lines. I also didn’t want to have my upper lip injected.  The fear of walking into a room and the thought crossing everyone’s mind “she had her lips done”.  No thank you.
SkinLab Injectables in Norman, Oklahoma are so kind as to follow my Instagram account.  They commented on the post that Senegence was the bomb and they sold it too.  I also received an email from them letting me now that they had a “filler” that would correct the problem without it looking like my lip got stung by a bee or several for that matter.  I was intrigued, so I made an appointment.

Checkout my sweet greeters! Say hello to Lauren McGehee, RN and Jordan Diaz.

Best Lips Ever skinlab injectables


I followed Lauren back and we talked about “my issues” for a considerable time. I have medical issues with my lymphatic system so I have to be careful what I do. She was highly knowledgeable and I was glad she was an actual RN!  In fact, all of their injectors are RN’s.  Impressive!

The filler Lauren suggested was Belotero Balance.

BELOTERO BALANCE creates an elegant finishing touch to your appearance, filling small gaps beneath the skin’s surface and improving the appearance of stubborn etched-in smile lines and vertical lip lines above and around the lips.  This is exactly what I wanted.  Just lovely natural lips, with the lines gone.  Before injecting, Lauren let me know that Belotero doesn’t have lidocaine in it like a lot of fillers, so she gave me a squeezy ball so I could “grit and bear it”!  It did hurt, but so worth it and it only hurt for a few seconds. Again, WORTH IT!

Best Lips Ever Belotero Balance SkinLab Injectables

From Belotero’s website, Belotero Balance SkinLab Injectables

I saw immediate results with just slight bruising that lasted a few days.  I waited a few weeks to see if anything changed or I had any type of reaction before blogging about it.  Even with my medical issues, I saw no adverse reaction or problems.  My lips still look great.  I can expect the Belotero to last 6+ months.

So as Larry the Cucumber says “I love my lips!” Go check out their website and you will find all the types of services they provide.  The facility is modern and makes you feel happy.

SKINLAB INJECTABLES also carries and highly recommends Epionce. I’m going to try this next when my current skin care is used up.  I like it a lot but after reading about Epionce, I want to see just how well it changes my skin. Click on the name (link) to read more about it.


Epionce Skin Systems



best lips ever skinlab injectables


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