Margaret CroomSo, who is the “real” Nosey Parker?

When asked “Margaret, what do you do?”, the funny look on the persons face is classic! “I produce a marketing tool for small business called Nosey Parker. It’s a Buy Local initiative targeted specifically to women.”

Actually, Margaret’s background is information technology and her goal is to create a database of women who enjoy retail therapy and also support buying local from stores owned by their friends and neighbors. Nosey Parker is a character created as a sleuth to find all of these unique places. There have been 4 Nosey Parker guidebooks since 2009 in Oklahoma City. The large email database full of subscribers, the website, blog and social media platforms are the tools used to continue to propagate information directly to fans and followers.

Margaret started working on the Nosey Parker concept in 2005. Having transferred to different communities several times with her spouses job, she became aware that local residents did not know where the best local stores where to be found. The standard answer when ask “we just go to the mall”. Margaret started writing down names of businesses she found when out and about. Because advertising is so expensive and you have to do it repetitively for it to be effective, many small boutiques and services cannot afford to promote. After being transferred again, this time to Spokane, Washington in the fall of 2007, she started intently writing the final model plan for The Nosey Parker Experience. Margaret launched the Inland Northwest market in September of 2008 and Oklahoma City Metro in November 2009.

“What is next for Nosey Parker?”

Nosey Parker should be in every medium to large city in the United States that has great local shopping and lifestyle.  Nosey Parker is a turn-key business that anyone with a high level of motivation, community involvement in the shopping and lifestyle scene – can be The Nosey Parker Experience in her own city.

Nosey Parker is the British word for “overly curious”. It is perfect for the experience and it was a fun way to combine a technology background with a fun concept to draw women to support shopping local.